Hydraulic Log Splitter

This log splitter has been designed to split even the toughest, most knotted firewood / timber. It is great equipment for your home open fire. It is fuelled by tractor hydraulic pump which make it very handy. For fully safe operation the user needs to use two hands to keep it running sand prevent hands injuries.


  • Heavy duty frame
  • 3 point linkage for easy transport
  • 14 tonne hydraulic ram
  • Compact design
  • Large ground plate for stable operation
  • CE Two hand control for safe operation


  • 14 Tonne Capacity
  • Split up to 12” Height
  • Can be used free standing or mounted
  • Strong wide table, comfortable working height
  • Large ground plate for safe & stable operation
  • Double chamfered, wide blade width for easy splitting
  • Flow & Return operation as operator requires (not auto reset)